Construction Management (CM)

This is our core service, which has delivered high marks to countless satisfied clients. It remains successful because the benefits are huge! As your construction manager, we serve as passionate advocates in meeting your project goals from conception to completion. As the client, you receive the benefits of expert advice and a network of the best trade contractors in the Midcoast Maine area. The client pays all of the direct costs of the project plus a management fee.

Construction management is a good financial deal!

  • Cost savings advice is provided throughout the project.

  • All trade discounts are passed on to the client.

  • Cost of change is minimized.

  • Cost of risk is eliminated.

Construction management is flexible!

  • The client, architect and construction manager collaborate as a team to deliver the end product.

  • The client can recommend trade contractors or vendors at any time.

  • Changes to scope of work can be easily accommodated.

  • Updated costs and estimates for building options are regularly provided throughout the building process. 
About Us

Clients From Away 

 We understand your challenges. Building a home can be a daunting task, especially when managing the process from afar.

General Contracting

 This more traditional approach provides the client with the security of a fixed project price. Construction documents and specifications will need to be finalized before the project start.

How We Work

 Albertson Builders & Services offers a choice of contract methods, Construction Management or General Contracting. There are benefits to both; choose the one that best fits your individual situation. We especially cater to clients “from away.”